Monday, January 10, 2011

Making Mistakes

I made a mistake in the quilt.  The big, complicated quilt for Darin - yeah, I made a big oops.  The sparkly purple was supposed to run down the diagonal in the middle, but instead, I sewed it so the red was going down the middle - except for in one place.

It took me forever and cutting many more squares (and several more mistakes that had to be scrapped), but I fixed the quilt - well, that little part where the purple didn't match.  The red still runs down the middle, which I suppose might just have been fate since it's looking amazing.  Here's an updated photo of how the quilt is coming along:

So the red diagonal - looks amazing, doesn't it?  I have sixteen of the purple and red squares and 16 cream colored ones.  I have to sew them all together into squares like this - and then I have 8 blue squares, and 4 sparkly purple (like the ones that are the same size as the red), and 2 giant teal ones.  And the backing is going to be the same purple as the 2nd smallest squares.  I hope that makes sense...

Had the quilt been for me, I would have sewn in the square with the mistake, but this is for my brother and he's a perfectionist.  BUT, I have sent him this photo already and he is impressed.  So I'm happy.

Back to the sewing machine...

Anyone have any ideas for tying off the quilt?  I would like to use beads down the middle, but I don't know if my brother will approve. 

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