Monday, January 10, 2011

Making Mistakes

I made a mistake in the quilt.  The big, complicated quilt for Darin - yeah, I made a big oops.  The sparkly purple was supposed to run down the diagonal in the middle, but instead, I sewed it so the red was going down the middle - except for in one place.

It took me forever and cutting many more squares (and several more mistakes that had to be scrapped), but I fixed the quilt - well, that little part where the purple didn't match.  The red still runs down the middle, which I suppose might just have been fate since it's looking amazing.  Here's an updated photo of how the quilt is coming along:

So the red diagonal - looks amazing, doesn't it?  I have sixteen of the purple and red squares and 16 cream colored ones.  I have to sew them all together into squares like this - and then I have 8 blue squares, and 4 sparkly purple (like the ones that are the same size as the red), and 2 giant teal ones.  And the backing is going to be the same purple as the 2nd smallest squares.  I hope that makes sense...

Had the quilt been for me, I would have sewn in the square with the mistake, but this is for my brother and he's a perfectionist.  BUT, I have sent him this photo already and he is impressed.  So I'm happy.

Back to the sewing machine...

Anyone have any ideas for tying off the quilt?  I would like to use beads down the middle, but I don't know if my brother will approve. 

One Quilt, Two Quilt

One Quilt, Two Quilt, Three Quilt, Four?  Oh dear! I hope there isn't a fourth!

I finished my T-shirt quilt and need to post photos of that.  I have cut squares for what I'm calling a rainbow quilt, and here are photos of how that one is coming:

The rainbow quilt was intended to be the quilt I'm making for my brother's graduation in May, but he didn't like the idea/colors, etc.  So here I am working on two quilts at the same time.  My house has been taken over by sewing and Christmas stuff.  Not to mention I worked on the Scrabble pillows while both quilts were just getting started. 

The pattern for my brother's quilt is one he and I made together, and we chose the fabrics together, too.  But that part was mostly him.  Once I started cutting and sewing, though, I made an executive decision that one fabric clashed terribly.  It's a hard pattern to describe, so I'll post photos during the process and when I'm done so it makes sense. 

In the meantime I would like to post photos of projects I've completed (mostly knitting, but maybe a couple other quilts), and keep this blog more up-to-date.  Also, I need to keep my main blog updated as well, so we'll see how all this goes. 

Here is a photo of the littlest squares for my brother's quilt: 

From here the squares get bigger and bigger and the tiny red squares will form a diagonal line down the center of the quilt.  I'm afraid my sewing isn't up to par for this thing.  I think some of the little squares are turning into rectangles and it's going to bother my brother. 

In my defense, these two fabrics are not cooperative.  Hard to cut and equally hard to sew.  They are tiny squares that fray easily.  I'm just glad I planned for 1/2 inch seams.

I know the quilt will be beautiful; I hope it's up to my brother's standards. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Making Pillows

I have a different post for this blog saved on my phone - but it won't send.  How lovely. 

But this post is about PILLOWS.  I recently was asked by a friend to help her make pillows for her boyfriend.  They are Scrabble pillows that spell out LOVE.  She bought tan pillows, and we cut out the letters and numbers from black felt.  I had so much fun sewing on the letters and spending time with her, and they turned out great!  Best of all, her boyfriend loved them!!!

He sent me this photo of them on his couch:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Startings of a Scarf

Bought yarn and beads in Seattle.

-- Carla's on the go! Post from her iPhone.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dress of Doom Update

This is what the DRESS of DOOM looks like now that I've knit 11 rows. GO ME.

The entire dress :-)

Close-up of one of the tricky adding stitches part, which is looking better than I thought it would.  The three marked stitches are like seams... but it's all knit in one.

I should take a photo of what the dress is supposed to eventually look like and post it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Green Dress, but not a real Green Dress - That's Cruel.

I've started knitting a green ribbed dress. It will have capped sleeves and be very pretty.

My mother bought me the pattern and yarn 1.5 years ago, and I'm just starting now. In my defense, I've never knit something so large on small needles - size 4 - and the pattern is scary. I swear it's written in some other mathematical language!

In other news, I've been scrapbooking! And today I got fun toys in the mail for my scrapbooking! And hopefully I will post photos soon of all the things I have going on.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Before I Die... at

This is not really a craft, but it's art and something I'm proud of. Here's the best montage I've ever made.